Album reviews for "Till the Dance Do Us Part"

  • Stalker Magazine (9/10): “Till The Dance… is an album that won’t ever get boring because there’s always something new to discover!”. Read full review at
  • Metallum Sub Terra (8/10): "The disco pop punk band write their music like no other band of their genre."  Read full review at
  • Ignotus Magazine: “From now on, Till the Dance Do Us Part is the new standard by which all pop-punk-rock bands will be measured.” Read full review at
  • Loudd (7.5/10): “Frankley Everlong has the answer and the right album for you!” Read full review at
  • Hellfire Magazine (7/10): “Till the Dance Do Us Part by Frankley Everlong drives forward in the style of 80s synth hits with punk attitude” Read full review at
  • Necromance (7/10): “Frankley Everlong know how to balance the doses of punk and electronics to offer us a very interesting album!” Read full review at
  • (7/10): "Till the Dance Do Us Part' is full of "gorgeous melodies, fine singalongs, lively rhythms and sticky hooks" Read full review at
  • Alternative Rock Heaven : "The single Endless Infinity is catchy, fresh, and exciting!" Read full review at